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Reading Program

Reading Intervention Program


We created a reading intervention program for students with reading, spelling, and writing difficulties.

The Vida Learning Center reading program targets students who have fallen behind in reading and struggle with decoding and comprehension. We help them make quick progress toward an appreciation and enjoyment of reading.

Our Reading Intervention Coaches are eager to design an effective program to provide your child with the skills and confidence needed to become a competent reader, writer and independent learner.  As your child progresses, the learning plan is adjusted so reading remains appropriately challenging, yet interesting and fun.

We make learning fun!

Our reading intervention program is organized by levels and aligns with state and Common Core standards. It includes reading intervention methods and programs such as Orton-Gillingham, Reading Mastery, Pecci Reading Method, and Rime Magic.

  • The Orton-Gillingham program is a sequential, multi-sensory reading and writing method. To accommodate the brain-basis for learning differences, it uses active, multi-sensory techniques for systematically and explicitly teaching the phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency, semantics and comprehension strategies needed for competent, independent reading.
  • Reading Mastery is a reading program that uses the Direct Instruction method to help students learn fundamental decoding and comprehension skills.
  • Pecci Reading Method is a multi-sensory step by step guide to teach reading.
  • Rime Magic is a decoding solution that offers struggling readers strategies in solving decoding issues and improving writing and spelling skills in order to be able to read and comprehend grade-level text.

At Vida, we can customize elements of each program depending on the degree to which a student needs a phonics-based or meaning based intervention.