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You have heard about the importance of a good night’s rest and how it helps with learning when you were a student. Now that you are an adult, you play many roles as parents, teachers, employees, etc; and you believe that sleep is important for efficiency. You may understand that that now but let us explain more on the topic to make your perceptive more fruitful; this information will help you and your children.

First let’s discuss why we sleep. Generally speaking, sleep provides a break period so that the body can remove waste products from the muscles, mend cells, protect and replenish energy stores, fortify the immune system, and improve abilities lost during the day (Wade & Tavris, 2011). Stress can interfere with mental health and being sleepy at the wrong time can interfere with good mental functioning too. Please do not dismiss the benefits of a good night’s rest, having good rest can stimulate mental health and help you and your child with learning and memory recall. Did you know that we sleep to remember? Guess what, we also sleep to forget!

The brain daily needs rest to do both; it rests so it can have space and energy for new learning. We do not need to remember everything we encounter in a day. But we place meaning and importance on the things we need to remember as we use less memory on things we need to forget; those things that hold no meaning at all. According to Wade and Tavris (2011), people should think twice about the temptation to pull an all-nighter, even a fast nap can benefit mental functioning and increase your capacity to put together separately learned facts in new ways, or in other words, go ahead and sleep on it!

Children do better if they are tested in the morning because good rest will assist in alertness, and alertness can assist in learning. A good night’s rest helps with memory recall before and after learning,but if children become drowsy or sleepy it can impede their learning process. When we become lethargic from sleepiness it can steal our focus from learning and obstruct our creativity, good sleep is needed for merging and optimizing your child’s memory.

Though we hear it all the time that sleep is important, our children still seem to pout when bed time rolls around. It may be hard to reinforce the rule of embracing a good night’s rest with your children; but perhaps the neurological benefits might help to remind you why an extra half hour of staying awake could cost them big time during the school day. We hope this information will encourage students young and old to embrace a good night’s rest, so good night and sleep tight and don’t let drowsiness bite!

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