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Have you been thinking about hiring tutoring services to assist your child in learning? Well, the Vida Learning Center is thinking about you and your child and we want to help you further your child’s learning experience. We know that family is one of the most precious gift in life so hiring the right tutor is important. You are probably wondering how to get started selecting a tutor and what information is important when considering tutor services. Let us give you five reasons why you should hire tutoring services from Vida Learning Center.

  1. We provide sufficient challenges for children who are doing well in school, so you may be wondering if my child is doing well why hire tutoring services. If some children are not sufficiently challenged their grades began to decline because of boredom, a child not sufficiently challenged can lose interest in learning, at Vida Learning Center we can help children increase their learning experience rather they are losing interest because of boredom,  lack of interest or  lack of understanding the curriculum.  We are trained to gage the child’s learning pace, knowledge, and level of enthusiasm for learning; we then prepare a learning plan tailored for your child.
  2. A second reason to hire a tutor is some children learn at a different pace than others. At Vida Learning Center we provide different learning styles to help your child learn math, reading, and writing by introducing the child to different reading programs that will lend to your child’s learning experience. Our programs range from A Balanced Reading Approach, the Orton-Gillingham Approach, Rime Magic Strategy, Confidence Building and more!
  3. The Vida Learning Center also understands how important learning environments can impact your child’s learning experience. Some children are uncomfortable in traditional classrooms so tutoring services removes environmental insecurities and other environmental barriers to learning so your child can feel comfortable and confident.
  4. Have you noticed the homework your child receives has become more complicated these recent years? There is a reason homework has increased in volume and has become more complex, one reason is to prepare your child to keep up with today’s technology and information. The second reason is teachers are requesting more parent involvement. The Vida Learning Center is up for the challenge and can assist the parents with tutoring, we understand busy schedules of working parents, and some parents are unable to keep up with all the new and ever changing learning concepts of today.
  5. Finally, hiring a tutoring service can help your child gain confidence during classroom participation. Some children feel lost and unstable when they leave the classroom because they cannot receive the immediate help when they approach a difficult problem, and other children expressed has expressed their frustrations because they felt rushed by the teacher when asking for help in the classroom. This is not a negative mark on teachers; they cannot always slow down to address individual student concerns. The Vida Learning Center can provide one-on-one tutoring, we are patient, and we know some children can absorb information better in a one-on-one learning environment. One of our goals is to build the child’s confidence so they can participate, and keep pace in the traditional classroom setting. Hiring a tutoring service can assist the parent, child, and teacher.

For more information regarding the Vida Learning Center and to have your child assessed for this personalized tutoring service please contact us today.